In 2015 RABEN initiates preventive work in a first approach with fishermen in search of solutions to work toward the prevention of big whale entanglements, a mutual problem of great impact both for fishermen and for the whales.

We organized 3 workshops with fishermen in Puerto Angle, Oax, Guerrero Negro, B.C.S. y en San Blas, Nay.  Fishermen were very receptive and interested in the topic and they participated with tips to prevent entanglements.

With the suggestions of the 3 workshops a brochure was produced with tips to prevent big whales entanglements.  The brochure will be distributed among the fishermen of the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Baja California Peninsula.

We´ll keep working on prevention, since this is the real solution to the problem.  We hope that in future years the number of entanglements will decrease, in benefit of both the fishermen and the whales.

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