To the rescue of the whales

We appreciate WWF’s support during 2020

2º. RABEN TEAMS Contest


RABEN, the Mexican Whale Disentanglement Network, has attended 148 entanglement reports and have rescued 57 whales in eight years.

This is possible thanks to RABEN members amazing effort, most of them are volunteers that give their time and even their own resources for free when attending an entanglement report; even government agencies that participate in all these activities require an additional effort. That´s why WWF Mexico decided to support ECOBAC to carry out the 2nd. contest between the 10 RABEN teams in order to reward the most outstanding teams, not only for the number of reports attended but also for working on documentation, ocean drills, and broadcasting; and also in order to motivate all 180 members to continue with this important work.

The winner  were:

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Reporta una ballena enmallada
Reporta una ballena enmallada